Property Owner, Business Owner, or Business Manager: 
Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey below, which will assist the District in providing services 
to better meet your business needs and developing effective outreach materials for its customers.

Please check the appropriate boxes 
1. You are the: 
Property Owner Business Owner/Manager Tenant Other: 
2. Check the box that best describes your situation: 
This business contracts its own trash collection services.
This business contracts trash collection services and shares it with a neighbor.
This business does not contract trash collection services but shares neighbor’s trash service.
This business receives services from a hauler selected by corporate office.
Other (please describe): 
3. What is the name of your trash collection service provider? (If unknown leave blank) 
4. Please check the box or boxes for any of the District services you have used or are aware of: 
Annual cleanup campaign on Saturdays in May Clean-up of alleys, streets, and sidewalks of dumped items
Bulky item collection Mulch and Compost Giveaway Events
Public trash container collection Recycling containers
Graffiti removal from trash containers
5. Prior to reading this survey, were you aware of the District’s services are paid by property owners through the property taxes? 
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6. Would you like to be contacted to discuss your trash collection service needs?
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