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Home-Sharing Platform Survey

Los Angeles County is studying any effects short-term rentals (also known as home-sharing) may have on the local housing market and quality of life in the County.  Short-term is defined as a stay of less than 30 days. Before the County considers developing regulations for short-term rentals, we are soliciting feedback from our constituents and stakeholders in the unincorporated areas whether home-sharing has benefited or impacted them.  This survey is anonymous; no names and address will be collected. 

Which unincorporated area in Los Angeles County do you reside or own property in?  (If you live in a city or do not own property in an unincorporated area, please leave blank.)

If you do not reside or own property in an unincorporated area of the County, but make frequent visits to an unincorporated area, where do you usually visit?

How are you connected to your community?
Property manager
I serve with a civic organization (i.e. town council) 
I am a member of a homeowners association 

Which online home-sharing platforms have you used or heard of?  (Please check all that apply) 

Have you used an online home-sharing platform to host your space or to stay somewhere as a guest?  (Please check all that apply)
Yes, as a host to rent my space.
Yes, as a guest to stay in someone else's space.
No, I have not used any online home-sharing platform.

How many days per calendar year have you hosted your space on an online home-sharing platform?  (If you do not host your space, please leave blank).
0-9 days
10-29 days
30-49 days
50-99 days
100 days or more
Did not use the platform at all

What are/were your reasons to use an online home-sharing platform?
Host: To help me pay rent/mortgage or make ends meet for my home that I cannot afford on my own.
Host: To help pay down debt.
Host: To increase my income regardless of whether I can afford my own home.
Host: To make money (returns) on my investment property.
Guest: I prefer the home-like amenities and convenience over staying in a hotel or motel.
Guest: I want to experience the neighborhood like a local and patronize local businesses.
Guest: There are no hotel or motel rooms available in the specific area I want to stay.
Guest:  It is cheaper than staying in a hotel or motel.
Guest: I want to help out a friend/acquaintance make ends meet in the home.
Other reason: 
Did not use the platform at all.

Did you have a positive or negative experience with the online home-sharing platform(s) or guests using the platform(s) in your space, in your building, or in your neighborhood?
I have positive experiences with online home-sharing platforms or with guests.
I have neither positive nor negative experiences with online home-sharing platforms or with guests.
I have negative experiences with online home-sharing platforms or with guests.
I have concerns with guests using on-line home-sharing platforms.
I have no experience with the home-sharing platforms or with guests staying in my area.

If your experience was positive, please explain how it was positive:

If your experience was negative, please explain how it was negative:

If you had concerns with guests using an online home-sharing platform to stay in your space, in your building, or in your neighborhood, what problem(s) did you encounter? (Please check all that apply)
Spill-over parking, illegal or improper parking, or cars blocking access to my own home.
Increased traffic on my street.
Loud parties or all-night parties.
Littering or improper trash disposal.
Break-ins and theft of property (car/home).
Loss of peace, quiet, and privacy.
Increase in illict activities.  State what kind: 
Loss in property value due to unruly guests.
My rent went up.
My landlord put pressure on me to move out after my lease ended.
It was harder to find an affordable apartment to rent long-term.
It was harder to stay in my preferred neighborhood.
Other issue(s): 
No problems at all.

Do you think Los Angeles County should adopt regulations for home-sharing?
Yes, we need strict regulations for all short-term rentals.
Yes, but I prefer that any regulations should be minimal or flexible.
No, we should not have any regulations at all.
I am undecided whether we should regulate short term rentals.

Which of the following regulations should Los Angeles County consider? (Please check all that apply):
Impose a ban on all short-term rentals.
Impose a maximum cap on the number of days per year for each short-term rental unit.
Impose a cap on the number of guests per short-term rental unit.
Limit short-term rentals to only rooms in a house or apartment occupied by an owner or long-term tenant.
Require that an off-street parking space be readily available for the guest(s) of a short-term rental unit.
Prohibit short-term rentals of entire apartment units not occupied by a long-term tenant.
Require that hosts register each short-term rental unit.
Require that hosts have business licenses to rent their spaces or rental units on online home-sharing platforms.
Notify adjacent neighbors of a short term rental being registered or licensed.
Require that guests pay Transient Occupancy Tax, which is required for hotel stays, and the online home-sharing platforms must collect and pay to Los Angeles County.
Require that online home-sharing platforms be responsible to enforce the County's regulations on  short-term rentals.
Require 24-hour contact for any problems regarding a short-term stay or rental unit.
Impose penalties on hosts for problematic or non-compliant short-term rental units.
Impose penalties on online home-sharing platforms for non-compliant short-term rental listings.
None of the above.
Other suggested regulations: 

Which units should be allowed to be used as short-term rentals?
Whole single family house or vacation house.
Whole unit within an apartment or multi-family building.
A room within a single family house (this is currently allowed).
A room within an apartment or mulitfamily dwelling unit (this is currently allowed).
Accessory dwelling unit (ADU).
No, all short-term rentals should be banned (including revising the Zoning Ordinance on room rentals).

Any other comments or concerns regarding home-sharing or short-term rentals?

Thank you for your participation with this survey!

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